Worship & visitor information

Worship & visitor information

St Katharine's Church is a member of the Savernake Team, which is a benefice consisting of 11 Parishes (including St Katharine's). The Savernake Team and the Vale of Pewsey Team (15 Parishes) together form the Pewsey Deanery, which in turn is part of the Diocese of Salisbury.

Savernake Team has 3 stipendiary priests posts. The Revd Michael McHugh, Team Rector, has particular responsibility for St Katharine's (amongst other parishes). The other Team Vicars are the Revd Jo Reid and the third post is currently vacant. The stipendiary priests are supported by a number of self-supporting priests, including the Revd Rob Grist, and various retired priests.


Pattern of services

The table below shows our normal pattern of services. For those months which include a 5th Sunday, a Sunday service is held either at St Katharine's or at one of the nearby Team churches. Please note that, with effect for June 2017 onwards, there is a change from the previous pattern for the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month. Also, we will now normally have a lay-led service (at least) once a month: this will usually alternate monthly between Evensong (6pm on the 1st Sunday) and Matins (9.30am on the 3rd Sunday).

1st Sunday
6 pm Evensong (BCP)
2nd Sunday
11 am Holy Communion (CW)
3rd Sunday
9:30 am Matins (BCP)
4th Sunday
11 am Holy Communion (BCP)
5th Sunday
9.30 am Cluster Service (Usually CW)

See below for explanation of terms "BCP & "CW"

These service times may vary as a result of Team events, clergy availability and other matters, so for specific services, please check the service details below and/or on the home page.

Parking and access

There is parking outside the church but be warned that it can get very muddy around the car parking area. Please drive carefully as you approach the church as the road is very narrow and there are often children, horses, dogs, etc – not to mention other cars and the odd pothole - in the road.


Click here for a map courtesy of streetmap.co.uk. St Katharine's is indicated by the arrow. The address (for directions, not mail) is St Katharine's Church, St Katharine's, Savernake, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3BG.

Details of Services

St Katharine's Services (plus cluster and special Team services, which either replace usual Sunday services at St Katharine's or are additional services):

Services are at St Katharine's unless otherwise stated.

The form of service used will generally be either "BCP" (denoting a more traditional form of service following the Book of Common Prayer (using Common Worship Order 2 traditional) or "CW" (denoting a more contemporary form of service using a Common Worship (contemporary) format. "P" denotes provisional and is subject to change.

Sunday 3 February 6pm Evensong (BCP) (lay led)
Sunday 10 February 11am Holy Communion (CW)
Sunday 17 February 9.30am Matins (BCP) (lay led)
Sunday 24 February 11am Holy Communion (BCP)