About St Katharine's

St Katharine's Church is a very pretty

Victorian church quietly located on the fringe of Savernake Forest.  It is surrounded by forest, farmland and the playing field of St

Katharine's Primary School, a thriving school with a happy and caring ethos which maintains very close links with the Church. St Katharine's is a rural community, formed of scattered dwellings, many of which were originally farmworkers' cottages - indeed some still are, though most of the inhabitants of the area now make their livings in sectors other than agriculture.

The congregation is mostly drawn from the surrounding community but also includes members from nearby villages and from Marlborough who are looking for a more traditional form of C of E worship and to be part of the warm and caring life of St Katharine's Church.

We welcome all comers, whether they want to involve themselves in the activities of the church or just drop in for the odd service or quiet moment of prayer and reflection in peaceful surroundings.

If you are coming to your first service at St Katharine's, it would be lovely if you would introduce yourself to one of the churchwardens or even just to the people in the pew nearest you. However, please don't feel pressurised to do so if you would find this intrusive. The main thing is that you are here!

Children of all ages are welcome at our services. Please feel free to keep your child in the pew with you or, if you prefer, there is a play area in one of the transepts which has some toys, books, etc which your child is welcome to use.

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Members of St Katharine's PCC
The Revd. Michael McHugh (Chair of the PCC, Team Rector)

No churchwardens were elected at the Annual Parish Meeting held on Sunday 23 April 2017. 

Nigel Christie (Treasurer)

Rosemary Davies (PCC Secretary, Team Council Representative) (non-PCC member)

Carolyn Bartlett

Rosemary Cook (Deanery Synod Representative)

Caroline Cunningham

Fiona Good

Heather Leask (Chair of Fabric Committee; Team Council Representative)
Carolyn Hill (Deanery Synod Representative)

Lise Hudson (Foundation Governor, St Katharine's School)

Julianne Smith (Electoral Role Officer)

Andrew Smithson

Minutes of PCC meetings

The minutes of meetings of the PCC for the last 12 months and the draft minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting (APM) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) can be accessed via the links below. (The APM & APCM minutes are in draft form as technically they get approved at the next year's APM/APCM)

Type of meeting Date of meeting Minutes available yet
PCC 27.03.2015  
PCC 16.01.2015 No
PCC 14.11.2014 Yes
PCC 19.09.2014 Yes
PCC 13.06.2014 Yes
APM & APCM 13.04.2014 Yes

On rare occasions, the minutes may be in redacted form if the contents of the full minutes include something which the PCC feels it would not be right to make more widely available.


Photos from some events at St Katharine's Church


St Katharine's 150th anniversary celebration




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Cluster Walk and Bring&Share picnic